Digital Business Card

Make a great first impression every time!  Homeowners don't know about landing pages and lead magnets ...that's why with Content Cardz you simply tell them, "This is my digital business card. You can find everything about me on this one link!" 

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About The Content Cardz Digital Business Card:
  • All your links, all in one place ... home search, home evaluation, testimonials, blog, Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, etc.
  • ​Optimized For Mobile, Social, And Desktop.
  • ​Completely customized. All about you. Even your URL is personalized.
  • ​Personal scheduling calendar so you can have clients contacting you.
  • ​Great for selling homes, recruiting agents, selling courses, hosting events, and more!
  • ​A place to highlight the number one most important video in your business today.
  • ​Mobile. Social. Friendly. A link you can text, email, share in person, and on any social media platform.
  • ​One single call to action so you can build top of mind awareness with every post and every person you come in contact with.